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Why we are joining STATION F

We are thrilled to announce that we are accepted to join the selective Founders Program of STATION F! 🤩

STATION F is the biggest incubator worldwide, based in Paris, with more than 1,000 startups. The Founders Program is the flagship of STATION F for some of the most promising startups.

We thought it was an excellent opportunity to share few hints on why we decided to apply.

Insights and advice

The team is quite experienced. ‹div›RIOTS is not my first startup; I co-founded ULLINK with Laurent Useldinger as CTO from 2001 to 2018. All team members at ‹div›RIOTS have extensive experience in early-stage startups. We even have Rémi in the team that jumped from VC to startup!

Despite our experiences, we know that building a startup is nothing but easy. Building from scratch an innovative and ambitious new business is hard every time. So we wanted to join a program that could help us challenge ourselves, get helpful feedbacks to avoid pitfalls, and make the best possible moves along the way.

And for that, we believed the Founders Program from STATION F would be the best shot for us. Not because STATION F is in France (we are full-remote in Europe), but because we would get access to the best advisors, entrepreneurs, and VCs from Europe to help us out! 🧠💡

We are eager to start the program by the beginning of July!

Great visibility among a vast network

STATION F has built a strong reputation for some years now in Europe and the US. The Founders Program is selective with a global mindset. Joining STATION F can boost startup visibility in the tech scene.

As we are a startup building dev tools, we are interested in getting visibility among startups and VCs for advice and business purposes. STATION F is probably the best place in Europe to get access to such a network.

We are looking forward to getting the best from the STATION F network to meet startups and VCs! 👋

Give back

We strongly believe in humility and community, especially to build a long-lasting relationship with front-end developers. We define ourselves as givers, more than takers. We love open-source, and we are eager to build some free/open products, like WebComponents.dev or Components.studio, alongside our commercial products like Backlight.dev.

When joining STATION F, we expect to get lots of help from the community. And as part of this living community, we are committed to being an active part of it. We have strong knowledge and experience in front-end development, and we would be glad to share it with the STATION F community to help some of the best upcoming startups on these issues.

We are looking forward to building great things altogether! 🥰