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Front-end creation is an art when developers and designers work together to build extraordinary experiences.

It's exciting but it's HARD !

They deserve better tools to focus on what matters and work collaboratively as a team.

This is our mission.

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Figma plugins

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Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. Leverage an existing website and import into Figma to start your own designs, without building each element from scratch.

Try html.to.design
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Generate and sync a full Figma library from Storybook. Keep your Figma components up to date with code in a single click.

Try story.to.design
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Lorem Ipsum

Generate ‘Lorem Ipsum’ to fill your text layers with dummy text in a single click. Choose between ‘Auto-generate’ or a specific text length.

Try Lorem Ipsum
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Convert any PDF document into Figma designs. Import your PDF into Figma as designs with fully editable layers, or as static, pixel-perfect images.

Try pdf.to.design
Already empowering 2 million Figma users
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Design and publish website without leaving Figma! No code, no extra tool required.

Try figma.to.website
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Your content database for Figma. Sync directly to your content sources and design with real data instead of placeholders.

Try data.to.design
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Remove Background (Privacy-First)

Remove background from images in Figma 100% privately. Your image is analyzed locally on your device and never uploaded or shared anywhere.

Try Remove Background
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Instantly transform your code snippets into fully editable Figma designs.

Try code.to.design

Design system solutions

Online IDEs

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Build Web Components, push to GitHub and release to npm.

Try WebComponents.dev

Our achievements wouldn't have been possible without open source. We give back every chance we get.

Stripe climate program We contribute 1% of all purchases to fight climate change through the Stripe Climate program.

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  • Good listeners, because we care.
  • Curious, because there is so much to discover.
  • Unpretentious, because we have so much to learn.
  • Fun, because life is too short.

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Join a welcoming community around web development, component-driven development and design systems.

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