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Supporting open-wc and Modern Web

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the team behind open-wc and Modern Web.

It all started with Web Components

Back in 2019, when we started with WebComponents.dev, we quickly got in touch with the open-wc Team.

Modern Web didn’t exist yet.

We quickly bonded with the team: Thomas Allmer, Lars Den Bakker, Westbrook Johnson, Benny Powers and Pascal Schilp.

They have amazing web and web components skills, but most importantly: they’re sincerely friendly 🤗

What is Open Web Components ?

“Open Web Components - Provides guides, tools, and libraries for developing Web Components.”

They build and maintain 15 packages, which help anyone to build, lint, and test web components. The doc site is also a treasure to learn about web components.

What is Modern Web ?

Modern Web - Guides, tools, and libraries for modern web development.

Modern Web came later as a spin-off of a few projects from open-wc that were very useful outside of just Web Components.

Composed of 30+ packages, Modern Web is full of gems when you want to stay close to the platform when developing.

The flagship projects:

Web Dev Server

A dev server that “just” runs your ES bare modules in browser with HMR and rollup plugins. Precursor to Vite and WMR!

Web Test Runner

A test runner in browser (not a simulated DOM in node). It is the way to go if you want to run unit tests in multiple browsers.

Why sponsoring?

Because they make the Web ecosystem move forward. ES modules, Web Components, import maps, browser native tests, etc… everything is always as it should be with new browser capabilities. They genuinely embrace modern web development.

It’s an underrated team that deserves more credits for their daily achievements!

Consider contributing too ❤️

Join their Slack channel #open-wc in the Lit & Friends Slack or sponsor Modern Web on Open Collective. The team is worthwhile!