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Illustration of storybook on the left and Figma on the right. Showing the conversion of a button from storybook to Figma variants.

story.to.design is now open!

After a few month in private beta with cuting-edge users, we are now pleased to open the beta to everyone!

Transform storybook stories into Figma components

Features already present

  • Supports Storybook 6.0+ and Backlight
  • Supports any framework
  • Create all variants from components Args
  • Simulate variants for hover, tap, active and focus
  • Updates your Figma components in 2 clicks when a new version is out
  • and more

Why every design team needs story.to.design?

  • Fewer discrepancies between code and design
  • Design with components that look exactly like production
  • Faster designing and prototyping
  • Easier design system updates across tools
  • Speak the same (component) language as developers

Long form in 5 reasons every design team needs story.to.design.

Install story.to.design plugin today!

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