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Presenting our API code.to.design

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ‹div›RIOTS’ latest project: the code.to.design API! Our unique technology that already powers three Figma plugins used by over 350,000 people.

We’re now ready to share this technology with the world, and help others take their Figma plugins to the next level.

What is code.to.design?

code.to.design is a unique solution that converts any HTML, CSS and JS content and creates fully editable designs in Figma. Whether it’s code generated by AI, from a website or a local page, code.to.design turns it into designs directly in Figma.

What makes the code.to.design API so unique is its ability to create fully editable designs. Final users can make changes to the designs generated in Figma, such as changing colors, fonts and layout. This makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs quickly and efficiently.

What’s included?

code.to.design is actually made up of two parts:

Conversion API:

Our secure API servers convert any HTML, CSS or JS content in seconds with copy, assets, images, fonts, etc… And make it all ready to be consumed by our SDK.

Figma plugin SDK:

The second part is our production-grade SDK, which you can use in your own plugin to process the result of our conversion API.

Harness the power of generative AI…

And go from ChatGPT to Figma with minimal work! code.to.design makes for a great link between generative AI and Figma.

For example, here’s a great use case for the code.to.design API:

Use your prompts to generate HTML from OpenAI or any other generative AI… code.to.design then takes care of the transformation to design, bridging the gap between AI and Figma.

Are you ready to build the first ChatGPT-to-Figma plugin?

Who is code.to.design for?

The code.to.design API is designed for anyone working on a Figma plugin who wants to automate design creation as part of their tool. With this API, developers can integrate code-to-design functionality into their Figma plugin, allowing users to generate designs from HTML with ease.

This API will also benefit final users who want to streamline their design process and save time. Whether you’re a designer or developer, using a plugin that incorporates code.to.design will help you create beautiful designs in no time.

Try it out!

To see code.to.design in action, try it yourself in the code.to.design playground.

Get started.

Get ready to automate design creation!