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‹div›RIOTS contribution to support the fight against climate change

Our contribution to support the fight against climate change

Technology is eating the world. But it’s also heating the world.

Information and communication technologies already account for more than 2% of global energy demand (source: MIT)

At ‹div›RIOTS we are passionate about front-end technologies, and we also care very much about the climate.

So today, we are happy to announce that we are committing to contribute to the fight against climate change. We will now give back 1% of all our revenues to support carbon removal technologies and initiatives, through the Stripe Climate program.

This is a step further in our commitment, as we also try to reduce our own carbon impact in what we build and how we work.

For instance, we use and promote resource-efficient technologies that help reduce our carbon footprint, like Astro - a framework to build lightweight static websites, Jampack - a post-processing tool that optimizes static websites, or even our web component benchmark that helps compare frameworks’ efficiency.

And beyond technology, we also advocate for remote work, as we believe it helps recruit the best talent, while reducing our daily commuting carbon emissions.

Learn more about Stripe Climate and the projects we will be contributing to.