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Introducing Upscale (Privacy-First)

New week, new Figma plugin! It has been a productive few months and there are no signs of slowing down yet…

Today, we’re pleased to present our latest Figma plugin: Upscale (Privacy-First) 🚀

What is Upscale (Privacy-First)?

After working on our previous image plugin, Remove Background (Privacy-First), we realized that there was a gap in the Figma space for a really great image scaler. Especially one that upscales images locally and privately on the user’s device. This is what led to Upscale (Privacy-First)!

Upscale (Privacy-First) improves low quality images directly in Figma and transforms them into high-resolution images, 100% privately. The images improved via Upscale are handled entirely on the user’s device, and never shared or uploaded anywhere. It’s the only privacy-first image scaler for Figma.

How does it work? Run the plugin Upscale (Privacy-First), select the image in your canvas that you wish to improve, click Upscale and in a few seconds you’ll have the same image in high resolution!

Why did we make it?

While there are already a few image scalers for Figma, they all upload or analyze images in the cloud, lacking a core privacy aspect. This is what sets Upscale (Privacy-First) apart…

Improve image quality directly in Figma

Upscale (Privacy-First) is simple and straightforward, improving the quality of your images directly in the same Figma canvas where you’re working. No need to upload images anywhere or download them again to your device. In a single click you get the high-resolution image you need, right in Figma.

100% privacy, no matter the use case

Upscale (Privacy-First) says it all in the name. All images upscaled using the plugin are analyzed locally on your device and never uploaded or shared anywhere. This means that companies with strict privacy policies can still get all the benefits of Upscale while keeping their image assets 100% private.

And we’re live!

Upscale is free to use, and now available on Figma community. Try it out and tell us what you think! 👉 Run Upscale (Privacy-First).

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