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Introducing pdf.to.design

We started out with a plugin to transform Storybook stories into Figma components… Then we created our most popular plugin for converting webpages into Figma designs… And even introduced a little playground for writing code snippets and transforming those into Figma designs, too.

With now over half a million people using our plugins, we’re proud to introduce the latest addition to our Figma plugin family: pdf.to.design!

What is pdf.to.design?

While solutions already exist to bring PDFs into Figma, we wanted to take it one step further… pdf.to.design is a free Figma plugin that instantly transforms any PDF document into Figma designs. The key difference? pdf.to.design not only converts PDFs into static, pixel-perfect images, but can also transform them into designs with editable layers! This means designers can edit and collaborate more efficiently on a PDF’s content, directly in Figma.

How does it work? Simply choose your method of import, then drag-and-drop the PDF files you want into the pdf.to.design plugin. In seconds you’ll have your PDF imported into Figma as either static images or designs with editable layers.

Why did we make it?

Our mission has always been to improve designers’ and developers’ workflows, targeting every possible bottleneck. And the ability to import PDFs into Figma as editable designs was one of them. With pdf.to.design, frontend teams can now…

Extract images and text from your PDFs

You may have PDFs that contain valuable content for your designs in Figma. pdf.to.design is the perfect tool to easily extract those images and text, and get them straight into Figma.

Collaborate on PDFs directly in Figma

Figma offers great collaboration features, and there may be times where your teams needs to work together on a PDF. With pdf.to.design, you can import any PDF into Figma as layers and immediately start changing the text and leave comments to discuss as a team directly in Figma.

Use PDFs as templates for designs in Figma

If you’re designing new documents in Figma, use the old ones as templates! With pdf.to.design you can import an old PDF document as editable layers, then use the result in Figma as a template for new designs.

And we’re live!

pdf.to.design is free to use, and now available on Figma Community. Try it out and tell us what you think! 👉 Run pdf.to.design

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