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html.to.design reaches 250k users!

The love just keeps growing! We’re excited to announce that our Figma plugin html.to.design has reached 250,000 users. That’s a quarter of a million people importing HTML into Figma! This is a major milestone for our team, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our dedicated community.

250k and a top 30 plugin

And if that weren’t enough, html.to.design is now also one of Figma’s top 30 plugins! With a current rank of #29 in terms of runs, this makes html.to.design one of Figma’s most-used plugins worldwide.

html.to.design has proven to fill a need in the design community. What started as a small project re-using the same technology as story.to.design, has now turned into a must-have tool to boost designers’ speed and efficiency.

It just keeps getting better

Since launching html.to.design in October 2022, we’ve been improving and adding to the plugin every day. We now also have a Chrome extension for importing private pages, and even a specific plugin made for teams!

Thanks to our active community that flags bugs and proposes improvements, we’ve launched highly-requested features like bulk imports and image imports, as well as continuing to improve the quality of transformations.

Stay tuned

What’s next for html.to.design? We have a lot planned for this mighty little plugin… Follow us to keep score! 👉 @html.to.design