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‹div›RIOTS at Config 2024

At the end of June, Figma hosted their two-day, annual design conference in San Francisco, and part of the ‹div›RIOTS team was lucky enough to attend.

Config 2024 was a huge event with thousands of people travelling from all over the world to witness first-hand all the new features and improvements being shipped by Figma. Here are some of our key insights and takeaways after the conference…

Part of the divRIOTS team at Config 2024.

Config 2024 announcements

One of Config’s main goals is to reveal the most important new features and updates coming to the Figma design tool. There’s also a full agenda of speakers, not just from Figma, with talks about mastering their craft.

If you weren’t able to attend in person or via streaming, Figma has written a nice overview on their blog, but here’s our quick recap of the main announcements:

Figma AI:

An AI-powered design assistant to help automate some of the less inspiring design tasks, from renaming layers to getting started on the blank canvas.

Figma Slides:

A brand new product exclusively for designing your slide decks and presentations, right inside the same Figma interface you love.

Code Connect:

An addition to Dev Mode, which aims to create a stronger link between your design components and code. There’s also a new Dev Mode view so developers can focus only on what needs building, as well as additional design statuses to better reflect the real development process.


A new, redesigned interface for Figma that aims to give more space for your design work and simplify the menus, without too many drastic changes for your muscle memory.

Quality-of-life updates:

Smaller, but no less important, improvements that include things like a more intuitive auto layout, UI kits for getting started and a new prototype viewer.

We’ve written about some of these smaller updates over in the latest issue of our weekly newsletter, Figma Plugin Weekly.

A photo of the html.to.design video demo that played during the first day of Config 2024.

‹div›RIOTS at Config

While it’s exciting enough to be able to attend Config in person, ‹div›RIOTS also had the immense opportunity of being featured in the conference’s “Makers Space”. Config highlighted one of our most successful Figma plugins, html.to.design, with an on-loop video demo that played thoughout day one.

This was a great chance to, not only showcase our product to new eyes, but also meet and hear from a lot of you; our long-time, dedicated users. We gathered your feedback and insights over the course of the conference, and are ready to integrate our learnings in both existing and new plugins, like figma.to.website!

A photo of the main space at Moscone Center, where Config 2024 took place.

Key Config takeaways

As it was our team’s first time at Config, we learned a lot about the Figma conference and what to keep in mind for next year…

  • ⚡️ We got the biggest energy boost talking to all of you - our users!
  • 🎤 Attending the talks is important, with valuable takeaways (even if it’s tempting to just network and collect stickers 🤭)
  • 🪪 Get your badge early, so you can be front-and-center for the keynote
  • 🛒 Hit the Figma store early, before everything sells out
  • 📸 Capture as many moments and insights as possible!
Photo of divRIOTS, html.to.design and figma.to.website branded stickers.

See you next year!

What can we say? We’re hooked! And while only half of our team could make it this year, we’re hoping all of us can be there for Config 2025 😊

In the meantime, we have a busy summer ahead of us, with lots of great new things coming to our plugins figma.to.website, html.to.design, data.to.design and more.

Stay tuned!

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