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Advent Calendar named "Advent of Code" - 25 days, 25 features, starting December 1st

Introducing ‹div›RIOTS' Advent of Code

It is with proud (and a little bit of fear) that we are unveiling our very own Advent of Code!

Starting December 1st, we will release 25 features in 25 days, across our entire range of products, including:

  • Backlight.dev
  • WebComponents.dev
  • Components.studio
  • Style-Dictionary-Play.dev

And possibly some surprises 🎁

We strongly believe that giving is the best way to serve and nurture the community, and as we stand by our words, the entire ‹div›RIOTS is on deck to deliver these daily gifts on time! We made it in 2019, almost in 2020, now that the team has grown, we have to step up our game!

We will need all the ideas we can get to make each day’s feature better than the last, you can join the conversation at any time in our Discord channel to share yours, or simply get a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Stay tuned 👀